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What is CastlePK?

    Originally created as a simple website designed to educate about Parkour, CastlePk has evolved into an interactive melting pot of ideas, integrating knowledge of not only Parkour but also Freerunning. This website is dedicated to promoting both of those arts, and giving our visitors full ability to express their ideas and and enjoy their experience.

New to CastlePK?

    Be sure to visit our news section for up to date information on the development!

Want to contribute?

    No, we aren't asking for a donation... Its just that CastlePK's community is... well... almost nonexistent. Feel free to visit our forum and post once or twice, or visit our video section and comment on a few. You can also sign our Guestbook, no registration required!


CastlePK's media

    Aside from the Video section and Gallery, CastlePK also has a music page and a special monthly video. Click CastlePK's media to visit this unique area of the site.