Butterfly Twist 11/05/2007

The Butterfly twist is a variation of a Wushu movement known as a Butterfly kick, with an extra horizontal revolution thrown in purely for difficulty / tricking sake.

Bag boy 11/05/2007

Bag boy - The person(s) (usually very few of them) at a jam that decide to bring their backpack. The remaining traceurs find this person as an opportunity to empty their heavy pockets into their back pack and the "Bag boy" is left carrying everyone's personal possessions.

Do-able 11/05/2007

Common term used in the Canadian scene for something that you look at, know that it's possible, but not at this time. Therefore, "Yup, it's do-able".

Bail 11/05/2007

The term used to describe an unsuccessful attempt of any particular movement. Often times a bail can result in a nasty fall and sometimes injury. Bails are usually caused by failure to check the environment for safety or from a lack of focus, confidence, or commitment.

Trainers 11/05/2007

Short for cross trainers. One of the best and most versatile types of shoe for parkour. Arguably the only mandatory piece of equipment used in the art.

Hotspot 11/05/2007

An area which provides a vast array of possibilities for parkour. Hotspots are the best of the best and are usually sought out during jams and training sessions.

Flow 11/05/2007

A horribly overused term, flow refers to the ability to perform techniques smoothly and without pause, resembling water. It is often cited as the sole criteria for Parkour, though it is only one small part of a greater whole that composes the art. The term flow is also used extensively in philosophy and sports communities to describe a state of mindfulness where mind and body work together in perfect unison.

Jam 11/05/2007

A jam is a gathering of traceurs for the purpose of training and socializing. It is often a larger group (smaller groups are often referred to merely as training sessions) and the purpose is to motivate and learn from each other. This relates to the common musical usage of the term, where musicians build upon the style of one another in order to create a merging of styles and a new, improvosational song.

Run 11/05/2007

Stringing together many different movements and techniques to continuously move through the environment.

Within the Parkour community, it is used as a synonym for "path", as in:

"I have many different runs through my town"

Sponsorsheep 11/05/2007

 Newblood traceurs who are "decorating their tour bus" before they have mastered even some of the basic movements.