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General Terms

Traceur/Traceuse 11/07/2007

Traceur (male) and traceuse (female)are both words derived from the French verb tracer which normally means "to trace"or "to draw", but also translates as "to go fast". The practitioners of parkour are called these.

Front Flip 11/05/2007

The front flip, also known as the somersualt or front tuck is a gymnastics or acrobatic movement where the athlete jumps up, rotating forwards 360 degrees in the air, landing back on their feet. It is hotly debated whether this movement fits in with traditional Parkour, the outcome of most of these debates is that Parkour is defined more by intention than by movement, but that there are in fact extremely rare instances where a front flip would be a practical Parkour movement.

Parkour 11/05/2007

Parkour is the art of moving through your environment using only your body and the surroundings to propel yourself. It can include running, jumping, climbing, even crawling, if that is the most suitable movement for the situation. Parkour could be grasped by imagining a race through an obstacle course, the goal is to overcome obstacles quickly and efficiently, without using extraneous movement. Apply this line of thought to an urban environment, or even a run through the woods, and you're on the right path. Because individual movements could vary so greatly by the situation, it is better to consider Parkour as defined by the intention instead of the movements themselves. If the intention is to get somewhere using the most effective movements with the least loss of momentum, then it could probably be considered Parkour.

Freerunning 11/05/2007

Free running was meant to start out an anglicized term for Parkour. It was first suggested to Sebastien Foucan during the filming of Jump London. Free Running has grown to be descriptive of a sort of "cousin" activity to Parkour - Free Running is more expressive and creative in nature, with moves such as acrobatics, flips, and spins added for flair, creativity, or just because someone wants to. The main difference then between Parkour and Free Running is that Parkour is defined by purpose "get somewhere quickly and efficiently using the human body", and Free Running is defined by the activity or art of moving through your environment however you want, moving your way, following your own path.

Vert Vault 11/05/2007

Similar to a regular two-handed vault except at the zenith of the vault you lift one or both legs as vertical as possible, trying to make them perpendicular to the ground, then you land on the other side of the object to finish the movement.

Wall Spin 11/05/2007

An acrobatic movement in which a person approaches a vertical face, jumps, places their hands on it, performs an inverted sideways rotation, and lands. This movement is said to be the vertical or inverted version of a palm spin.

Handspring Vault 11/05/2007

Also known as a rail spring, rail flip, flip vault, and spring vault. This move is a vault in which a front handspring is executed over an obstacle with the hands placed on top of said obstacle.

Palm Spin 11/05/2007

A movement where the traceur places one or both hands on an object, jumps, rotates over the object, and lands on the same side of the object as they started on.

Wall Flip 11/05/2007

An acrobatic movement in which a person approaches a vertical face, takes one or more steps up the wall, pushes off into a back flip, and lands.