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-- Quickbeam

Help wanted! 11/08/2007

I need help for three things... If anyone can do one of them, I'd greatly appreciate it.

1. We need a community.
-Obviously this is an easy one. Sign into the forum, post once or twice, and we'll post back. Simple.
2. We need moderators.
-This one is going to be a toughie. In order to make someone a mod, I'll need to trust them. And to trust them, they should be forum regulars. A ranking system has been devised so I can see the most frequent posters. Help others out a lot; that'll get my attention.
3.We need Parkour/Freerunning crews.
-Most definitely the toughest. If you happen to have  friends that also do either sport, or maybe both, try to assemble them and ask them if they want to form a crew and run under the Castle PK banner. If you don't, that's okay. I just need a more pictures and videos of people practicing. Even if you aren't in a crew, I'll gladly accept any pics and stuff you can put in the gallery.

Thanks for your support!



Sign up to the CastlePK forum and try to start the community!

Populate the planet... err... I mean forum!


Whilst the movie cannot be put on the site, the links page has a link to it's home website, It can be found in the video section

Guestbook 11/05/2007

If you want to say something for everyone else to hear, then by all means, do it here in the comments.

Here it is 11/04/2007

Here's where all the news will be posted. Hotspots, jams, training sessions, new drills and stretches, It will all be posted here. You have the Categories on the right, as well as the Archives. Get in touch with me through the comments, or use one of my other contact options on the Contact Me page.